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Amalise - Caste Divide

Segregation and Survival - The South Asian Caste System Within The UK

Arakshan Film on BBC Asian Network

The Guardian of Tuesday 4th July 2006, had an article which mentioned the research Document - "No Escape - Caste Discrimination in the UK" which had been commissioned by the DSN UK and published that week.

Guardian On Line Article 4.7.06 "Caste divide is blighting Indian communities in UK"- Read it here

OneWorld South Asia Article 4.7.06 "Caste divide blighting Indian communities in UK"- Read it here

The Times of India Article 4.7.06 "Dalits suffer discrimination in UK"- Read it here

The New Internationalist Article July 2005 " Caste Out - Blatant rather than latent, caste is still alive – and kicking – in the West."- Nikki Van Der Gaag. Read it here

More from the New Internationalist Article July 2005 - This page is one of many from this article and factually presents details of many countries where caste discrimination occurs. Read it here

Past Articles - Various media producers and on line publishers have published articles covering aspects of CasteWatchUK and their National Conference "Caste Discrimination in the UK" held on 3rd July 2004. Links to these are shown below:

Asian Times - article ’Kick out Casteism’ in their edition of 13.7.04

India Weekly - edition of 2.7.04

Coventry Evening Telegraph - article dated 21 June 2004

Yahoo! India News dated June 23, 2004

Kerala News - article dated June 23, 2004

The BBC Radio Radio 4 on Sunday programme had a documentary on Caste Discrimination entitled "Caste Abuse in Britain and was broadcast on 26th September 2004, the day that CasteWatchUK attended a Fringe Meeting at the Labour Party Conference in Brighton.

Other online publishers have many articles on caste discrimination happening around the world. As the focus for CasteWatchUK is on the UK, these are not shown here but if you would like to locate them, just do a google search on the words "caste discrimination".

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